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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Be it parties, casual outings, special occasions or weddings… Every girl definitely holds her bestie 'Makeup' to get that wowsome look. Makeup is definitely a magical wand which turns ones look from nowhere to pretty and shows of its prowess leaving the face radiant and charming.

Girls who are a pro in applying makeup can achieve any look in no time following the right technique… But what about beginners??? Many of them do small mistakes which further ruins the look and make them look awkward.

Worry not! We EeYuva are here with 5 common 'Makeup Mistakes' which all the beginners shouldn’t repeat… Have a look!

1. Not Prepping Up The Face

  • Many take this first and important step for granted and continue applying the makeup. But my dear beautiful dolls, you need to follow strict CTM rules before starting off with the makeup.

  • First comes the cleansing… Wash your face with a mild cleanser and then pat dry. Next, go with the toning process… Take hold of cucumber or rose toner and eliminate the dirt from your face with a cotton swab.


  • Lastly, don't forget to apply the moisturiser to your facial skin. It nourishes the skin cells and makes the skin look brighter and smoother. Do prep up your lips with a mild lip balm too.

2. Picking The Wrong Foundation Shade

  • And this is the another biggest blunder of makeup… You need to buy the right shade of foundation which matches your skin tone. When you are at the cosmetics shop, pick 3-4 shades and apply it on your cheeks and patch test them. Do buy the right shade which matches your skin tone.


  • Then you also need to apply the foundation in the right way. Apply dots all over the face and then blend it with the foundation puff covering every nook and corner of the face including the neck.

3. Not Picking The Right Makeup Brushes

Makeup has many steps which one should follow them with the right procedure and technique. And every makeup step needs its brush and do remember that all the makeup techniques can't be done with a single makeup brush.

Makeup Brushes

Well, we have already come up with the article which describes the usage of 5 makeup brushes in an elaborate manner. And here are the 5 types of brushes...

1. Foundation Brush

2. Powder Brush

3. Kabuki Brush

4. Highlighter Brush

5. Eye Makeup Brushes

Do go through the write-up and use the makeup brushes accordingly.

4. Applying Highlighter All Over Your Face

  • Guys, you already know that 'Blush' is just confined to the cheek area, 'Concealer' is restricted to the under eye and corners of lips. And Coming to the 'Highlighter', it should also be dusted or applied on the targeted parts of your face to get that shiny look.


  • One should only dust the highlighter on cheeks, T-area, cupids bow, brow bones, temples and apple cheeks. And do remember you need to just use the 'Fan' brush to apply the highlighter on your face.

5. Avoiding The Lip Liner

Lip Liner

To get that right lovely pout, a lip liner is a must. Many think that lipstick can be blended to all corners of the lips, then why do we need the liner? But girls, drawing the outlines with the liner, helps you to fill in the lipstick in the right way and it also helps you avoid the spreading of excess lipstick outside the corners.

Hope these 5 makeup blunders will not be repeated… Own that radiant look with the right application makeup and fill your kitty with myriads of compliments!

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