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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Rain… Please shower your goodness on us! Yes, the searing heat is troubling us irky with its common skin and hair problems and literally making us to wait for your showering... When it comes to hair, the muggy weather makes tresses dry and lifeless. But as it is wedding season, you need to pamper your mane with a few natural methods to retain the shine of your hair.

So, we EeYuva are here with a few simple hair care tips… Have a look!

1. Avoid Using Heat Tools

The summer heat tends to make your hair sweaty and the humidity makes it frizzy. Thus, you should avoid using heat styling products like hair iron or the blow dryer in summer. Instead use styling products, go with gels, waxes or sprays to style your hair.

2. Use Hair Hydrating And Frizzy Controlling Products


Summer also makes your hair very dry and frizzy. Using the right products with ingredients that can help nourish the dry and frizzy hair by providing it with moisture is important. Also use serums and leave-ins that further help in dealing with the frizz, protect from humidity and provide that extra boost of nourishment.

3. Shampoo And Condition

Washing your hair every day in the summer can be a problem as it makes your scalp dry and leads to loss of moisture. In this situation, do not forget to condition; it is a crucial step to maintain health of the hair. Also, avoid washing your hair with hot water as that increases the heat and damages your hair.

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