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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Still, the New Year celebrations are on… And whom so ever you wish, the next question you ask them is that, “Have you taken your New Year resolutions?”. Many mumble and say 'Yes'. Well, it depends on you, how you wanna shape this year… But guys, we are here with a serious 'Beauty' issue which you need to have a look!

There are a few beauty habits which are nothing but considered as blunders but followed by many. And on occasion of New Year, we say, along with the resolutions, please take an oath to banish the wrong skin care habits which make you look exactly opposite to the word 'Best' without your notice.

We EeYuva have listed down a few blunder 'Beauty' habits which one need to quit to own that glowing charm… Look into the write-up to know more about these habits!

1. Heading To Bed With Makeup On…

  • We all know pretty well what would be the result of it... But many say excuses like “How can we wash the face being so tired? Yes, we understand your concern, you enjoy to the core in the parties and return home almost in a sleepy mood along with bundles of tiredness.


  • So, we suggest you an easy method to get rid of the makeup… Go with DIY toners or simply a rose toner. Take hold of a cotton pad and then wipe off your makeup dipping it in the rose toner. Isn't it simple? Nothing much, keep the toner and cotton pads beside your bed before leaving for the party and see the magic. Next morning your skin looks refreshed and clean too.

2. Sunscreen Only During Summer Months…

  • Guys let us ask you a simple question, “Is Sun Visible Only During Summer?”. No… Then why to restrict sunscreen lotion only for those three months? Apply sunscreen daily before heading out is very much suggested. It protects your skin from the harmful UV rays.


  • The rays may not be visible to you, but the effect definitely brings some rashes and infections on to your skin. It's up to you whether to fight with the skin rashes or simply apply the lotions…

3. What About The Makeup Brushes?

  • Makeup is definitely a magical one… It not only shapes your look but also helps you to get the needed attention. But our question is what about the used makeup brushes? Many of you leave them in their place without washing them.

Makeup Brushes

  • It's just a blunder… You just wash them under running water and allow them to dry for sometime… Meanwhile, you step out for the party and enjoy! After you return, pat dry the brushes and place them in their respective places…

We request you to bid adieu to these most common beauty habits and make your 'New Year' merry with the glowing skin!

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