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Morgan: The One And Only Handmade Car Manufacturer In The World

Written by : Tech Trends Team

All we know that the cars are assembled in the plants by a programmed robot machine operated by a human. Earlier, companies used to assemble them manually. Following the changes in the industrialisation and to meet their production demands, automakers started depending on the technology and machinery. This resulted in manufacturing and experiencing different model cars and bikes.

But, there is a car manufacturer still making individual parts and assembling cars manually. Morgan Motorcompany, a family-owned British car manufacturer is still building cars by hand. The company was established in 1909 and developed a three-wheeler car. In 1936, the company has made its first four-wheeler. Timely, the company has gained name for its craftsmanship and classic car designs. All the cars made by the Morgan are environmental friendly.

Here are few interesting facts of the production of Morgan cars

  • Each car is made by using natural materials that deliver higher quality vehicle

  • Morgan uses three core elements - ash wood, aluminium and leather to make cars

  • Each part of the car – engine, chassis and electricals are handcrafted by the expertise of the Morgan

  • The chassis of the car is of ash wood material. Each part of the required body frame is moulded in traditional technical form

  • To give metal finish to the body frame, they use aluminium material in ultra-modern process that enriches the additional beauty of the car appearance

  • After finishing the body frame, the car is hand sprayed in latest methods of automotive painting

  • Morgan offers a wide variety of finest leather colours for seats, door interiors and cockpits that represent high standards of British craftsmanship

  • When car comes out of the production plant, it goes for road test and a team of experts inspect the each part of the car

  • In the final process, the car will be polished in three stage process in which the car wears a flawless finish

Apart from the craftsmanship, all its models are equipped with high-performance engines that deliver outstanding performance. The company also has a three wheel electric car that is powered with 20KWh Lithium battery that reaches 0-60km in 9 seconds. Though the technology is heading new heights in the 21st century to experience the electric cars and autonomous cars, Morgan is still being the one and only handmade car maker in the world.