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Mercedes-Benz Vision Van: A Future Transportation For E-Commerce Industry

Written by : Tech Trends Team

Generally, if we shop online, a delivery boy will deliver our consignment. Sometimes, they may fail to deliver it on time. Just imagine if a drone delivers your product at your door step in given time. Mercedes-Benz, a German automotive giant has unveiled its next generation Vision Van, which is fascinating and integrated solution to the product delivery.

The Mercedes-Benz has made more advancements in the passenger vehicle segment, now it is systematically developing and making advancements in its commercial vehicles to find a solution to the present day requirements, that was unveiled in the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) - 2017.

The Vision Van is the first one, which has fully automated cargo space with integrated delivery drones. It is equipped with 75 kW electric drive with approximate travel range of 80 km to 270 km. The drive system of the vehicle is emission-free and it moves almost silently. It can be operated in the residential areas during late night deliveries without making any noise.

Vision Van Drive System

The vehicle is digitally connected with people from distribution center to consignee. If the service provider stops a vehicle in one area to deliver the product, it can be possible to deliver the multiple consignments through drones. This makes the deliverers' job easier and reduce the time of delivery.

During the launch of its Vision Van, Volker Mornhinweg, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans, said that, “With the Vision Van from Mercedes-Benz Vans, we provide an idea of future generations of vans: the intelligent automation technology connects the entire process, from loading and transportation by road through to delivery to the consignee. This makes it easier for the deliverer to do business and rapidly reduces the delivery time for end customers.”

In a current scenario, e-commerce industry has been emerging and widening its network through IOT (Internet Of Things) to cut-down the workforce. Though it has required human involvement in some segments like delivery, this Vision Van is a new revolution in the e-commerce industry.

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