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Written by : Tech Trends Team

How many of you have profoundly observed the changing shape of cars all these years? It may look stupid to ask you so, but the science oriented geeks may find it interesting to know, what exactly it took for the car makers to go ahead and change the box shaped cars to a slimmer, more elegant curvier car.

Yes, there are few valid reasons for the drastic change that are unknown to the majority!

EeYuva brings you the answer behind the shape change of cars which can be read below.

Why Box Shape Is Mostly Preferred?

The Straight box shaped cars have the best aerodynamic design shielding the car from strong flow of wind in the front. The box shape of the trunk would easily avoid the wind flow saving the driver in the car for an undisturbed ride. During the 1970's, American car makers were crazy about making a box shaped car and all of the prominent models were in box shape only.

What Made The Car Makers To Go For Curved Model?

The problem with the box shaped cars was the fuel efficiency. The boxed cars would consume too much fuel as if a big weight is added in the car. It was never a problem for the Americans as the fuel prices were steadily declining from 1940's to the 70's. The scene in the European countries was totally different and the fuel prices were also very high as 73 cents. Thus, all the European car makers wanted a different design to make the car more fuel efficient and economically reasonable to maintain one.

Man Behind The Design

Uwe Bahnsen, a car designer from Ford was the first person to bring a curved car model named Ford Sierra. It was more like a circular model car that didn't do well in the market. Later Jack Tonick a member from the then European Ford group took over the reigns of American Ford group during mid 70's to 80's. At that time due to middle east conflicts, the fuel prices in America were skyrocketing so he applied the designs of curved models of the Europe. The 1986 Ford Taurus was the ground breaking model that took over the American market like a storm.

Europeans excel in the art of car designs and thus, you find many world class cars ranging from Mercedes, BMW, Porsche being the trailblazers in elegance for the rest of the world to look at!

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