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Written by : Tech Trends Team

The CES (Consumer Electronic Show)-2017 witnessed the more advancements in the consumer technologies and concepts that glimpse the future of the humans. In this crowded expo, along with their new innovations, renowned car makers also showcased their electric vehicles mated with AI (Artificial Intelligence) that are getting ready to roll out for public service. Here is the list of AI and concept cars that were unveiled in the show.

Toyota Concept-i

The Concept-i is designed to build a relationship with the driver through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Toyota claims that this combination gives new ability to improve the quality of car driving. Car’s AI always monitors the driver’s attention and road condition to improve autonomous driving support during various driving conditions. Even in the manual driving mode, its technology assists the driver about blind spots and upcoming turns through alerts. Through the car’s bio-metric sensors, it analyses the drivers emotion and advice to go on autonomous mode and drives you safer to the destination.

FCA Portal Concept

According to the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), the new Portal Concept crossover is a fifth generation family transportation that provides an alternative environment between work and home. The car has 100kWh Lithium-ion battery pack that runs 400km with a single charge and it recharges the battery in 20 minutes. Coming to the features, it has infotainment, sensors and software systems that automatically recognises and configures the driver and passenger preferred settings like entertainment and places. Its personal sound zone enables each passenger to enjoy different audio without the need of headphones.

Nissan IDS Concept

The IDS Concept is the first car that has self charging and self parking feature. It also communicates with its surrounds through a display on the dash board. Nissan has implemented its ‘Intelligent Mobility’ technology to offer more benefits to the car consumers. The company says that this technology removes stress from daily commuting, provides safety and comfort and minimises the risk of unsafe conditions. It also has advance safety features like lane departure warning and forward emergency braking that offers you more enjoyable and stressless driving.

Faraday Future FF91

After FF91’s unveil at CES-2017, the company has received 64,000 bookings in 36 hrs. Coming to the technology and features, the FF91 is equipped with more than 30 cameras, sensors and radars that enable the more safety of the car. The company also claims that its safety system of the car is equal to the aircraft auto pilot system and it reaches 0-90kmph in just 2.3 seconds, which is faster than gravity. The new SUV has facial recognition scanning system that acts as key to drive the car. But, financially, the company is struggling to pay rents, the FF91 is expected to go for production in 2018.

Apart from the above AI cars, Hyundai also reveals its autonomous driving technology-IONIQ that incorporates the wearable robotics, health-conscious technology and micro mobility solutions. The German luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz also showcased its Mercedes Concept EQ and Vision Van in the show. To take the car driving new heights, auto makers are gearing-up their productions to offer AI cars in the mass market and safe drives.

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