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Written by : Tech Trends Team

It is always a human interest to embrace the new inventions in all aspects. During the Auto Expos in India, Milan and France automobile makers unveiled their upcoming products that are going to lead future transportation. To take this forward, there are many new innovations showcased at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show)-2017 held in Las Vegas, USA. Here, EeYuva brings you a few new products that are related to the car and bike.

Cosmo Brakelight

Cosmo Brakelight, it is a connected accessory for the helmets that is visible in the day and night. It can be attached to the back of any helmet and is combined with the rear brake light of the bike and the mobile application. During the ride, it emits the eye-level signal to the behind rider/driver of the bike to slow down while braking. Cosmo Brakelight also have an emergency road side assistance alert system when any accident is detected. The company also says that this brake light can be attached to the all category of helmets through magnet. The battery life is 8hrs, USB charged and weighs 200gms.

BMW HoloActive Touch

The craze for electric and autonomous cars is heading new heights in the current scenario. To make their presence in the race, all the auto makers are busy in developing autonomous cars. But, the German luxury car maker BMW has stepped a bit forward and developed a virtual touch screen for their cars - HoloActive Touch system, which is an interface between driver and the vehicle. It is operated by the finger gesture and the functions can be controlled without any physical contact. It also allows the user to access the variety of services provided by the BMW connected.

Coring Windshield For Cars

As we all aware of the Gorilla Glass for smart phones, the US based glass maker Coring showcased a Gorilla Glass for cars that grabbed the attention of auto makers. The company says that the new windshield is two time tougher than standard windshields and its light weight fetches to improve car acceleration, handling and braking performance. Along with this clearer and brighter windows, the company has also unveiled a glass for car infotainment system.

Apart from these add-ons, the CES-2017 has witnessed many new inventions in the automotive industry like autonomous cars and delivery vans. But all these products are showcased as concepts, we expect them soon in the market.

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