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Cars And Their Music Systems - Unfolding The Love For Travel & Music

Written by : Tech Trends Team

Have you ever observed the music system in a car? If the answer is yes, then you know which brand the music system is of! Do the same observation for a series of vehicle brands like Tata's, Mahindra's, Toyota's and other luxury cars from Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen too. Are they same in all cars? No. The love for music and favouritism in the business leads the Auto-makers to select the best music machine for their cars. The world loved music systems in the cars range from Bose, Sony, Harman, JBL, etc.

It is a common habit of the person in the car to turn on the music to enjoy, have fun in the journey. Not all cars come with a built-in set up of audio systems. The entry level cars give an option for the customer on which music system would he love to get installed in his car. The luxury vehicles only give the best brand of music systems in their cars. Here is a list of cars and their music systems.


'Bose is the boss'... the tag line justifies the world class music system manufacturers from the United States of America. Porsche, Chevrolet, Fiat, Nissan, Audi are the cars that get a built-in set up of Bose Audio/Video system.

Harman / Kardon

Tata Motors, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Mini are few of the world class cars that use harman/kardon music systems. The American brand music systems are famous for their refined infotainment services right from display to clear sound.


The world famous Japanese music system brand is the heart favourite for the Ford vehicles. Sony music systems are the mostly available and reasonably priced audio/video systems for many car brands across the globe.

Bottom Line

Music systems have always been a most preferred accessory inside the car hinting at the interest of the customer on music and travel.There are some car brands like Audi who use Bose for some models and Harman/Kardon for some. It is a practice of the car makers to announce the original equipment manufacturers of the sound systems which can be customized from the entry level car.

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